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Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation Trinidad and Tobago
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SKIF V Pan Am General Info


 1.                  Official Airline


BWIA West Indian Airways.  Discounts will be arranged if each country utilizes the Championships official airline.



2.                  Official Hotels


Information on the various hotels is still being finalized.  However, 50% deposit by no later than January, 2004.  Full payment due on arrival.



3.                  National Flag


Each participating country to provide one (1) National Flag for use at the Championship.



4.                  Head of Delegates/Coaches


A list of the Head Delegate and Coach of each country to be provided. 

A profile of the Head of Delegate and two (2) passport photographs to be provided by the Head of Delegate of each country.



5.                  Referees


At least two (2) Referees needed per country for the days of the Championships.



6.                  Competition


Completed competitor form and 50% deposit by no later than January 31, 2004.  Full payment due on arrival.



7.                  Tournament Rules


S.K.I.F. rules apply.  Kumite - no Contact.



8.                  Seminar & Black Belt Exam


Information from Japan Headquarters still being finalized



9.         Climatic Conditions


            The climate in Trinidad is tropical sunny/rainy weather conditions.



10.              Visa Requirements


Citizens of the USA, Canada and most European Commonwealth countries do not require visas.  Visas are required by citizens of some countries, including Australia, New Zealand, India an Sri Lanka.  In most countries, visas are obtained through the British Embassy.



11.              Insurance


S.K.I.F.T.T. is negotiating for a special policy, which will cover all competitors for the days of competition.



12.              Time


GM/UTC minus 4 hours



13.              Banking Hours


Friday 9th April, 2004 (Good Friday), Saturday 10th April, 2004 (Gloria Saturday), Sunday 11th April, 2004 (Easter Sunday and Monday 12th April, 2004 (Easter Monday) are public holidays in Trinidad and banks will not be open to do any monetary transactions.  Credit card transactions will be accepted in banks and in many business places .



14.       Health risks


           Dengue fever; a vaccination certificate for yellow fever is required for

           travelers who have been in any country in the past six months where

           yellow fever is endemic (e.g. South America countries).  It is also

           advised that competitors make an effort to be vaccinated for Hepatitis

           B.  However, it is not mandatory.



15.              Electricity


110V and 220V, 60 Hz



16.              Currency


$1US = $6.30 TT

$1Euro = $7.34TT

$1 Can = $4.80 TT

1 = $10.59 TT



17.              Lunch


Lunch will be provided on the day at a cost of $3US.  Please indicate when submitting your documents if lunch will required.



18.              Sightseeing Tours


Please indicate when submitting your documents if anyone will be interested in the sightseeing tours.


19.             Currency


$US  currency will be the international currency accepted.


20.             Departure Tax


Departure Tax is charged by the Government when leaving Trinidad & Tobago.  The cost is $100 TT or $17 US.



21.              Religious Service


Please indicate when submitting your documents if anyone will be interested in the attending Easter Sunday church service.



22.              Drug Testing


Random drug testing will be conducted on any competitor participating in the two (2) days of Karate Championships.





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