Shotokan Karate-do International Federation Trinidad & Tobago (S.K.I.F.T.T.)

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S.K.I.F.T.T.'s Profile


* S.K.I.F.T.T. Is affiliated to S.K.I.F. Headquarters, Tokyo Japan, under the leadership of Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa.

* S.K.I.F.T.T. is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago
Karate Union (TTKU), the only recognized body for
karate in Trinidad and Tobago.

* For the past nineteen (19 ) years S.K.I.F.T.T. has
held Classified and National Tournaments for its
students every year.

* In 1992 S.K.I.F.T.T. staged and participated in a
demonstration of the discipline of karate for the
Prime Minister, the Honourable Patrick Manning, and
the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
Award Presentation at the Jean Pierre Complex.

* In 1993 S.K.I.F.T.T. produced " Fusion of Martial
Arts and Music", at Queens Hall, Port of Spain,
featuring S.K.I.F.T.T., Robert Munroe, David Rudder,
Tricia Lee Kelshall, Hilton Danzell, Barbara Flemming,
Roger Israel, Richard Nappy Mayers, Neil Lee-Luck,
and Sean Bailey. Mrs. Hazel Manning, wife of the
Honourable Prime Minister Patrick Manning was the guest
of honour.

* In 1994, Mrs. Hazel Manning, wife of the Honourable
Prime Minister Patrick Manning, invited S.K.I.F.T.T for
an official visit at the Prime Minister's residence.
Mrs. Manning has been made an Honorary Black Belt of

* In 1995, SKIFTT attended a week long seminar at Northridge University in California, conducted by Shihan Kanazawa and some high-ranking senior Instructors.

* In 1996, S.K.I.F.T.T conducted Clinic/Training and
Grading examination in St. Lucia, S.K.I.F.

* In 1996 and 1997, S.K.I.F.T.T. performed demonstrations
for the Adult Literacy Tutors Association fund-raising
Bazaar at Trinidad Hilton.

* S.K.I.F.T.T. has participated in Tournaments in Barbados,
Venezuela, Margarita and St. Lucia.

* In 1994 and 1996, S.K.I.F.T.T.'s Ladies kata Team placed
third in the Pan American Karate Championships held in
Caracas, Venezuela.

* In 1997 members of S.K.I.F.T.T conducted a one-week
clinic/training for a S.K.I.F.Dojo in London.

* In 1997 Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa, the highest official
and founder of S.K.I.F, and Sensei Ichikawa, visited
S.K.I.F. Trinidad to conduct clinics, grading exams also
to arbitrate at S.K.I.F.T.T's 13th National Tournament.

* In 1998, the Witco Sports Foundation nominees for
Sportswoman and Sportsman of the year for Karate were
members of S.K.I.F.T.T.

* S.K.I.F.T.T's ladies have participated in the Women on the
Move 5-K run, copping the first place in the sports
category for two years in succession. S.K.I.F.T.T male
teams placed second and third in the trinidad and Tobago
Olympic Day Rally Run in 2000.

* In 1999 the Witco Sports Foundation nominee for
Sportswoman of the year for Karate was a member of SKIFTT.

* In 1999 S.K.I.F.T.T hosted a demonstration for the Por
L'Innocence at their fundraising Tea Party and Fashion
show at Cascadia Hotel to raise funds for underprivileged
and H.I.V. positive children.

* S.K.I.F.T.T's Instructors have participated in two
seminars: Psychology of Performance in Sport - Basic and
Intermediate, conducted by Witco Sports Foundation.


* In 2000, members of S.K.I.F.T.T participated in TTKU' training seminars in Judging and Refeering. S.K.I.F.T.T boasts five (5) TTKU qualified Referees and nine (9) Judges out of twenty-nine (29) qualified nationals.

* In 2000, S.K.I.F.T.T participated in a demonstration for
the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs Youth Festival
at the Queen's Park Savannah.

* S.K.I.F.T.T participated in the 6th S.K.I.F. World
Tournament held in Milan, Italy in 1997, and in the 7th
S.K.I.F. World Championships held in Bali, Indonesia in

* In 2000, the Witco Sports Foundation nominees for
Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year for karate were
members of S.K.I.F.T.T.

* In 2001, Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa, the highest official
and founder of S.K.I.F, paid a second visit to S.K.I.F.T.T
from March 18 - 20 to conduct grading examinations and
clinics. In this grading S.K.I.F.T.T achieved ten (10) new
Shodans (1st degree black belts),two (2) Nidans (2nd
degree black belts) and two (2) Yondans (4th degree black

* March 28 - April 01, 2001, S.K.I.F.T.T participated in the
4th Pan American Karate Championships held in Bogota,
Colombia. S.K.I.F.T.T's team achieved its best results
in an international tournament by bringing home two (2)
gold, three (3) silver and two (2) bronze.

* June 14 - 17 2001, S.K.I.F.T.T participated in the
S.K.I.F 2001 Gasshuku and Inaugural Kanazawa Cup
International Goodwill Tournament in Honolulu, Hawaii.

*  In 2001, the Witco Sports Foundation nominees for
Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year for karate were
members of S.K.I.F.T.T.

* October, 2001 - S.K.I.F.T.T. attended the 3rd National Goodwill Tournament between St. Lucia and Trinidad, which was held in St. Lucia.  Trinidad was victorious.

* December, 2001 - S.K.I.F.T.T.'s senior black belts participated in a CPR training session conducted by Trauma Nurse, Renwick McCave and Marcia Skinner-Rollock.

* March, 2002 - S.K.I.F.T.T. held a Walk-A-Thon which was open to the members of the public.  The theme of the Walk-a-Thon was "Walk-a-Thon Against Violence Amongst Our Youths ..Please ...More Tolerance."  It culminated with a karate and self-defense demonstration in the "hollows" of the Queen's Park Savannah.

* In 2002, S.K.I.F.T.T. male and female teams participated in the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Rally Run around the Brian Lara Promenade.

* In 2002, the WITCO Sport Foundation nominee for Sportswoman of the year for Karate was a member of S.K.I.F.T.T.

* March, 2003 - S.K.I.F.T.T. brought out its first Carnival Band "Karate in Colours" with Mrs. Shirley Baptiste as the band leader.  It was quite a success.  A demonstrations of katas were performed during our stage performances.

* May, 2003 - S.K.I.F.T.T. held a Fundraising Tea Party and Fashion Show at La Joya, Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph.

* September 19 - October 4, 2003, S.K.I.F.T.T. participated in the 8th S.K.I.F. World Championship held in Durban, South Africa.  S.K.I.F.T.T. returned with a bronze medal won in Individual Kata and missed 3rd place in Team Kata by .1 point.

*  April 8-10, 2004, S.K.I.F.T.T. successfully hosted the S.K.I.F. V Pan American Karate Championships at the Jean Pierre Complex, Trinidad.  A Clinic and Dan Grading Examinations were conducted by Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa held on April 8, 2004.  The Karate Championships was held on April 9-10, 2004 in which over eight (8) countries and the host country Trinidad & Tobago participated.  The Trinidad & Tobago Female Kata & Kumite Teams placed 2nd, while the Male Kumite Team placed 3rd.

S.K.I.F.Trinidad & Tobago